Convocatoria 2018-2021 (versión inglés) -Closed Call-

Closed Call

PhD in Social Sciences, 2018-2021. 

The Doctorate/Ph.D. program in Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary program that has as general objective to train researchers capable of designing and conducting projects and research groups guided by the logic of the knowledge integration and oriented to solve regional and domestic sociocultural problems. With this, it is intended to generate information suitable to be used in intervention projects and/or social programs assessment.

Lines of Research:

  1. Globalization and Sustainability
  2. Emerging Social Problems in Culture and Ethno-development
  3. Social Development and Educational Processes

Applicants Profile:

Applicants to the Doctorate/Ph.D. program must have a Master’s degree in any discipline of Social Sciences or a related one. Applicants must work full time with the professional commitment to carry out the activities the graduate program requires. The graduate program will give preference to candidates who prove experience on any of the Doctorate/Ph.D. program’s research lines. Likewise, it will be considered an entry requirement that the subject matter of the research responds to a relevant social problem. The approach towards social problems will be flexible and increase of lines of research or thematic areas defined so far, will be considered an area of opportunity. All candidates must be interested and have the ability to develop outstanding and relevant interdisciplinary basic scientific research.

Requirements for the Applicant.

  1. To have a Master’s degree in Social Science or any other related area. The original Degree Diploma must be submitted within two months after the start date to the Doctorate/Ph.D. courses.
  2. To have passed the Master’s degree coursework subjects with a GPA not lower than 80.
  3. To pass an English test equivalent to TOEFL with minimum 500 points.
  4. To take and pass the graduate program admission test (EXANI-III, CENEVAL), getting the minimum score established by the Graduate Program Academic Committee.
  5. To have and pass an interview with the Selection-Admission Academic Committee.
  6. To present an interdisciplinary research general proposal in one of the lines included in the Doctorate/Ph.D. Program in Social Sciences.
  7. To have authorship or co-authorship in at least two publications of popularization of science in indexed journals of research or book chapters in prestigious publishers.
  8. To hfill-in the admission application form for the Doctorate/PhD. Program in Social Sciences. Application form is available online in the graduate program’s website ( The application must indicate the line of research you want to join (submit printed application along with the other documents).

Applications Receipt:

Applicant’s file must be submitted with the documents listed in the attachment: “Exhibit 1: Documents”. This file can be delivered in Building 7-F of the Integral Unit of Graduate Program, cubicle 17, located at the intersection of calle Reforma and Colosio, in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. For additional information call (662) 454-84-10 and e-mail:

Selection, Assessment and Decision Process of Candidates Files

The candidates’ selection process consists of three stages: 1) File review; 2) Admission Test; and 3) Interview, only for pre-selected applicants.

  1. The Graduate Program Academic Committee names a Selection-Admission Committee made up by researchers of the graduate program who will be in charge of reviewing applications, documents and candidates background. The Selection-Admission Committee will pre-select candidates and will notify them by email that they passed to the interviewing stage. Students quota is limited. In addition, The Academic Coordination of the Graduate Program will post the results on the internet website of PICS (
  2. Pre-selected candidates will be called for an interview with the Members of the Selection-Admission Committee in Hermosillo, Sonora between June 04th and 15th, 2018, from 8:00 to 14:00 hours in classroom 12 of the Graduate Program Building. The Graduate Program Academic Committee will check recommendations made by the Selection-Admission Committee and based on this information will decide on the applicants’ admission.
  3. On Friday June 22nd, 2018, The Coordination of the Program will post on the Graduate Program web page ( the list of candidates are were accepted and will notify in writing to each applicant the Academic Committee assessment results.
  4. The Academic Committee decision will be final. Candidates not admitted must pick up their documents within 15 days after the results publication.
  5. Admitted students must submit the original official documents to be collated according to requested in the attachment: “Exhibit 1: Documents”.
  6. Foreign students admitted must submit, to date of their entry to the program, original documents with the official certification of the Mexican Embassy or Consulate in their native country.
  7. Fees of the Master’s Degree Program are:
  1. Semester registration: 5 days of current minimum monthly wage or Units of Measurement and Updating (UMA);
  2. Tuition per subject is: 30 days of current minimum monthly wage or Units of Measurement and Updating (UMA); and
  3. Infrastructure semester cost: 30 days of current minimum monthly wage or Units of Measurement and Updating (UMA), this is: Registration $440.00, tuition per subject $2,640.00 and $3,960.00 per infrastructure.
  1. Incomplete files will not be accepted.

Important dates:

Receipt of Documents From February 12th to May 31st, 2018
Admission Exam EXANI III May 18th, 2018
Interviews June 04th to 15th, 2018
Results Publication June 22nd, 2018
Original documents delivery June 25th-29th, 2018
Registrations August 07th- 10th, 2018
Starting classes August 13th, 2018


Master’s Degree Program in Social Sciences

Coordinator: Dr. Blanca Silvia Fraijo Sing

Important: The coordination of the program will be able to designate the accepted applicants for a national scholarship CONACYT, as long as they meet the requirements of the official call. The number of scholarships that will be assigned will be subject to CONACYT budgetary availability. Priority order will be determined based on hierarchy resulting from the average score in the admission process.

For more information about the graduate program visit Tel: (662) 454-84-10. E-mail address: